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        1. Eben “The Robot” Pagan comes  in the last few hours like the Iron Man to swoop in and steal first place and:
          1st Place Prize
          Mercedes Benz E-Class 350 Coupe ($52,200 Value)
          – (Receive Actual Cash Value Amount of $52,200 towards purchase or Cash Substitute!)

        2. Jeff “Silver Fox Johnson”  was there from start to finish. The Silver Surfer takes the:
          2nd Place PRIZE – 
          Mercedes Benz CLA-Class Sedan ($29,900 Value)
          – (Receive Actual Cash Value Amount of $29,900 towards purchase or Cash Substitute!)

        3.  Frank “Superbad” Kern comes in 3rd place. 2 Mailings needed on Final day for the $20,000 -

        4. Mike “The Dark Knight” Koenigs again with a strong finish for the Genesis Brand. Thanks Mike for the Live Webcast and replays.
          $10,000 cash value.

        5. Ed “Underdog” Dale Team player as always. Good on ya Ed.
          $5,000 to convert to Aussi Bucks for even more meat pie good eats.

        6. Don “Jon” Crowther – Way to go and way to SHOW
          There from START TO FINNISH and  and it was noted by his friends here at Marketing Genesis Mike and Andy
          $2999 towards The Show Stopping All New APPLE Mac Pro Super Work Station

        7. Mark “Marvel” Thompson & Anik “Avenger”  Singal Tie for 7th
          1,099.00 each Cash towards new iMac
        8.  Blank for Tie above
        9. Russell “Robin”  Brunson – New Xbox One
          Thanks for the mail on last day during your internal

        10. Pam  “Wonder Woman” Hendrickson - New Sony Play Station 4
          Thanks again. You were gonna sit our and didn’t – Now it’s our turn. We got your back!!
        11. Sean Wander and Mitch German – The Dynamic Duo
          Latest iPad Air
          Thanks for the help guys and the “control” guys.
        12. Angelo “AquaMan” Labrou  from Greece- Swims his way to the top 12.
          iPad Mini Retina
          Way to go Angelo. You blew up my Facebook with the best ads next to Jeff Johnson. The effort was noticed. Great EPC and great use of Traffic just like the course teaches. You can be a case study that you can you for our members on how to make money with Facebook and no product

13th – Rich Schefren – Kindle Fire HDX 8.9
14th – Ryan Deiss..Kindle Fire HDX
15th – Bill Mcintosh …Kindle Fire HD
16th – John Reese Kindle Fire TV
17th – Paul Colligan…  Kindle Paper White
18th – Shawn Casey and Koz…Kindle
19th – Tracey Rueter $75 Amazon Gift Card
20th – Chris Farrell  $50 Amazon Gift Card
21st – ElSayed ElAssal …A purple Laura Betterly hair extension. (Used)


PREVIOUS TOP 21 as of  TUESDAY, July 2nd – 7 PM PDT with 7 hours to go.

        1. Jeff Johnson was plotting his next move by the camp fire tonight….guess it’s working...holds the Mercedes Coupe
        2. Frank Kern traffic is great, just cant seem to catch Mr. Johnson…Mercedes Sedan in hand
        3.  Mike Koenigs & Pam Hedrickson are closing in on Kern….less then 10 away…do they have what it takes? …holds $20,000 in cash
        4. Eben Pagan pushes hard in the final hours, possibly catch Kern as well at this pace$10,000
        5.  Ed Dale still can stay in Top 5, not sure if he can keep up with Top 3…but you never know …$5,000 cash
        6. Mark Thompson & Don Crowther are tied, Don has really spread his wings today…how high can he tral up ladder? Will Mark let him pass him? …The New Apple Mac Pro Super Work Station
        7. Waiting for someone to fall into this spot ...iMac
        8. Anik Singal falls a notch, rumor has it, he’s not done, and he will not give in to slipping again.…MacAir
        9. Russell Brunson has slowed down…what gives? thought he had more in him…NEW XBOX One
        10. Angelo Labrou jumps onto TOP 10, bragging rights on the final day…will he stay?…New Play StationJust Below The TOP 1011th – Bill Mcintosh …Latest iPad Air
          12th -Rich Schefren…iPad Mini Retina
          13th – Ryan Deiss – Kindle Fire HDX 8.9
          14th – Sean Wander..Kindle Fire HDX
          15th – Bill Mcintosh …Kindle Fire HD
          16th – John Reese Kindle Fire TV
          17th – Tracey Rueter…  Kindle Paper White
          18th – Shawn Casey and Koz…Kindle
          19th – Paul Colligan $75 Amazon Gift Card
          20th – Leela Cosgrove  $50 Amazon Gift Card
          21st – Terry Lamb …A purple Laura Betterly hair extension. (Used)

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